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Sometimes computer’s performance could be not so smooth and stable as we wish. As time goes PC users may face error codes blocking ordinary operations and programs. PC users can examine database and find basic information about typical Windows error codes, as well as solutions how to solve them.

PC error codes typically appear in the dialog boxes, when the system reports a malfunction. These codes are automatically generated to help users and developers understand what went wrong and how to fix the malfunction. However, system error notifications are too short and not informative to let users understand, what to do and how to fix particular PC issue.

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0x error codes

Many PC error codes using a format like 0x80010005. The error code has 8 hex digits, with prefix 0x (stands for hexadecimal number). These numbers are generated by Windows HRESULT function.

If 0x error code occurs, it is a sign of a serious PC misconfiguration. It could be a result of careless registry edits, cache and junk files accumulation or a faulty software installation. 0x malfunction could affect applications performance, and can arise during a Windows update or installation process.

Windows error codes may fall in the range 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. However, they can be used both in 16-bit and 32-bit fields. Most codes have a standard text template, autogenerated and transformed to a human-readable message.

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DLL error codes

Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are core system elements that are responsible for all PC operations and can frequently cause many troubles. Users can face DLL error codes informing that specific DLL files is missing or not working properly. Many Windows applications and system functions use DLL records to perform successfully on user’s PC, that is why any changes in system configurations or careless manipulations with DLL records can undermine computer’s stable performance and speed.

DLLs play crucial role in memory usage, making Windows operation system (OS) files compact and easy to deploy . DLL files help applications execute code faster and more efficiently, and save disk space on user’s PC.

DLL issues core function is explained by the fact that multiple applications can use the same DLL file. It supposes that each application creates a dependancy to a specific DLL and can modify it, which leads to obstacles for other applications to use the same records correctly.
More common DLL reasons can also include:

Popular DLL error codes

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